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Partial public funding is available to Presidential primary candidates in the form of federal matching payments. Only contributions from individuals apply toward this threshold. Primary election candidates seeking matching funds must also submit a letter of agreements and certifications. This document is a contract with the government. As part of this agreement, candidates pledge to limit national spending for all primary elections and to limit spending in each state based on its voting age population. Once the Commission determines that a candidate has met the eligibility criteria, he or she may submit contributions from individuals for matching. The Commission’s audit staff reviews these submissions to see if the requests meet the standards for matchability. The contributions, for example, must be in the form of a check or other negotiable written instrument made payable to the candidate or his or her campaign committee. Once the Commission is satisfied that the submissions comply with the law, it certifies to the U.

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Continue to access RSC content when you are not at your institution. Follow our step-by-step guide. Nonlinear optical NLO crystals are key materials for generation of coherent light in solid state lasers. It crystallizes in an asymmetric space group of C 2 No.

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Jump to navigation. An advisory opinion has been requested by the Committee for Betsy Gotbaum. In addition, the same question has been raised informally regarding other similar contributions received by checks drawn on accounts of the contributor, but signed by another individual. The term “matchable contribution” shall mean i a contribution, ii contributions or iii a portion of a contribution or contributions, not greater than one thousand dollars for all covered elections held in the same calendar year, other than special elections, made by a natural person resident in the city of New York to a participating candidate which has been reported in full to the campaign finance board Emphasis added.

Board Rule d 19 states that one factor in determining whether matchable claims are invalid is whether the check was drawn by a person other than the contributor. The New York City Campaign Finance Act the “Act” further provides that in order to be eligible to receive public funds, participants, among other requirements, must “maintain such records of receipts and expenditures for a covered election as required by the board.

The Board Rules the “Rules” require the following back-up documentation for monetary receipts: 1 deposit slips, 2 photocopies of checks and other monetary instruments, and 3 for cash and money order contributions, “a separate written record of the contributor’s name, residential address, contribution amount, and date” which is signed by the contributor.

Since the Board must have as its first priority the safeguarding of public funds, the Board must ensure that public matching funds are not paid on contributions which are not matchable under the Act. It is the Board’s view that the simplest way for a participating candidate to demonstrate that a contribution given in the form of a check is a “matchable contribution” pursuant to Section 3 is to accept only checks drawn by the actual contributor on an account in the name of the actual contributor.

The Board, however, recognizes that some contributors may ordinarily conduct their financial affairs in more complex ways, and that, in certain circumstances, participating candidates may be able to demonstrate that contribution checks drawn in these different ways are “matchable contributions. Therefore, for each contribution in the form of a check not drawn by the contributor for which public matching funds are claimed, participating candidates must provide the Board with the following:.

As long as the documentation contains all the above information, it may be provided in any form, e. This advisory opinion is limited to the circumstances described here and does not otherwise affect the Board’s standards for evaluating claims for public matching funds.

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The present invention relates to a contact finger comprising a connection member for connection to one end of a cable and a contact member for contact with a corresponding contact member on a second contact finger, a transverse, ridge-shaped portion being provided at the front end of the contact member. Contact fingers and contact devices in accordance with above are previously known in the art. More precisely, contact devices are previously known in the art in particular for high current strengths, where the contact devices are intended to be connected to the end of a cable for interconnection of one or more cables to one another.

The contact devices comprise an outer housing, typically manufactured from plastic, contact fingers for the actual electrical connection, and a metal spring associated with each contact finger in order to generate such a force on each respective contact finger that they, in the connected state, are biased towards one another for maintaining good contact, whereby sparking or undesirable overheating because of a defective contact between the contact fingers is intended to be avoided.

Those parts that are intended to be in direct physical contact with one another moreover display a standardised design so that contact devices from different manufacturers may marry together with one another. The springing which was mentioned above has thus hitherto been used to realise a good contact between the contact fingers. Certainly, this functions satisfactorily, but at high current strengths it has proved that the springing is not always sufficient to entirely prevent sparking or undesirable overheating.

At the same time, the stiffness of the metal spring cannot be further increased for a classification for increased current strength while retaining the same physical dimensions, since interconnection and disconnection of the contact devices which, to some degree, take place against the action of the spring, must still be possible. The reason for the defective contact at higher current strengths is thus assumed principally to be insufficient contact pressure or otherwise a far too limited contact surface area.

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Capable of being matched: matchable colors. Mentioned in? References in periodicals archive? In a similar vein ‘Interchangeable’ biological products are also ‘biosimilars’ however interchangeables must achieve additional criteria for matching the reference product, and achieving this ‘ matchability ‘ means that a pharmacist may dispense an interchangeable without first seeking the approval of the medical practitioner. President Christian Rudder disclosed in a blog post that OkCupid had conducted experiments on its users, including a test to see whether its assessment of their matchability led to successful dating.

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2000-3: Guidelines for Checks Drawn By a Non-Contributor as “Matchable Contributions”

This application claims priority to foreign French patent application FR 10 , filed on Jul. The field of the invention is that of impedance-matching devices particularly of interest for component, and notably antenna, impedance followers in the transmitters or receivers of radio-frequency networks confronted with varying impedances. At the present time, agility requirements are increasingly exacting, notably because of the increased use of the electromagnetic spectrum, the systematic increase in required bandwidths and the software reconfigurability of mobile terminals.

These three units are the power amplifier PA having an output impedance Zout; the matching network CA, at the output of the amplifier, which ensures the transfer of energy from the amplifier to the antenna; and the antenna filter FA, which ensures the spectral purity of the signal delivered by the system to the antenna ANT.

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If Amendment, Date of Original Filed (Month/Day/Year), 6. 2, shares, is matchable under Section 16(b) of the Securities Exchange Act of.

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