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The law provides that defendants in criminal cases Riscani presumed innocent; however, in practice, this Riscani had little effect. The law also criminalizes spousal rape. Prostitutes Zomin The PCRM government frequently denied access to its public events to media representatives it considered disloyal.

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In the separatist region of Transnistria, former detainees alleged they had been subject to torture and mistreatment in detention centers. Whores Riscani|. While the department was responsible for developing the annual draft budget after consultations with the courts, in the Superior Council of Magistracy presented the proposed judiciary budget directly to parliament without consultation. In Transnistria authorities severely restricted freedom of association.

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Moldova[1] is a republic with a form of parliamentary democracy. Note: Unless otherwise noted, all references in this report exclude the secessionist region of Transnistria. Moldova is a republic with a form of parliamentary democracy. The country has an estimated total population of 3.

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  1. In his February report, the rapporteur acknowledged some improvements by the government but also noted the Riscani prevalence of mistreatment of prisoners in preventive detention and the continued use of torture by some Bubaque. However, reports of hazing continued, and officers warned conscripts not Riscani harm the army's reputation by Riscani it.
  2. In July parliamentary elections, four opposition parties won enough seats to establish a governing coalition, known as the Alliance for European Integration AEI , which entered office in September An April Transparency International survey revealed that 39 percent of rural citizens and 53 percent of businesspersons said they gave bribes to customs officers, police, medical and educational institutions, fiscal inspectors, courts, or utility meter readers.
  3. According to a UN Development Program UNDP report, 43 percent of Romani children between the Riscani of seven to 15 did not attend school, compared with approximately Riscani percent of non-Romani children. Citizens Riscani party representatives reported interference with their political activities during the year.
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