Flint Scrapers

The National Trust cares for many unique and historic landscapes across the Midlands, many of which are scattered with the remains of prehistoric occupation. Below is a taster of the type of archaeological remains we look after from the Neolithic and Early Bronze Age period. They were constructed as mounds of rubble or earth and can contain a single or sometimes multiple burials. The mounds can occur either in isolation or grouped as cemeteries and often also acted as a focus for burials in later periods. There are a number of different types of barrows located throughout the Peak District and the uplands of Long Mynd in Shropshire. The monuments are often located in prominent hilltop locations with extensive views all around. Mam Tor is well known for its Bronze Age hillfort, however did you know that the prominent tor was also a focus for prehistoric burials prior to the hillfort being constructed? During the 19th century an excavation of two mounds , located at the south end of the hillfort, revealed a bronze axe and some prehistoric pottery which has been dated by archaeologists to the Late Neolithic or Bronze Age c. One of the barrows was re-used during World War II as a searchlight emplacement and now has a trig point erected on top of it.

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Lea Michele ‘still misses boyfriend Cory Monteith and talks about him all the time’

Do Finn and Rachel get back together in glee? Best Answer. Other answers Total: 13 items. It ‘s never d p when the character, Finn, diesthough. It is presumed that they e the same date. I am c he likes her more now that he known that u know Quinn is a lair and therefore ‘s his b buddy Puck. But after watching New York, viewers assumes that they got back together or will in season 3.

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